Excellent music activates humanity

Last week, I was in Groningen at the Prins Claus Conservatory where I did my 3-day-clinic about cultural entrepreneurship, based on Simon Sinek’s golden circle; from ‘how’ & ‘what’ to ‘why’.

Seven students of the classical master study attended these 3 days. We shared thoughts reflecting on the musical landscape and our individual contribution to that. Often in classical music, we show our skills to the audience and a broader perspective of our surroundings. During one of our sessions, we were discussing the effect of training your skills on your personal growth as a human being (e.g. skills like technical playing skills, emotion, preparation, ability to work together, focus, concentration, vulnerability, sound). After that session, when I was walking in the city to my hotel, I had an insight. Actually, training your skills on this emotional and technical level all by yourself will enhance your growth as a human being. That implies that excellent music will accelerate your growth. Excellent music activates humanity!

What if we share this message with our fellow musicians, our families, and our environment? Wow! The how of excellent music is born!

So this is what EU writes: “Europe’s cultural and creative sectors are not only essential for cultural diversity; they also contribute a great deal to social and economic development in our Member States and regions. At the local and regional level, strategic investments in these sectors have often delivered spectacular results, as exemplified by many European Capitals of Culture. They also produce important spill-over effects, as well as enhancing a dynamic image of an attractive and creative Europe which is open to cultures and talents from across the globe,” said Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth. For the full article, click http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-12-1012_en.htm.

Need I say more? Thank you, Groningen, for this insight!